Why I Love Baseball

Ever since I was a young boy, I have enjoyed participating in baseball. Whether it was watching, playing or teaching it, I have enjoyed my lifetime of involvement with baseball. Some may wonder why. It is boring some say. It is slow, say others. It is too long, and a host of other complaints about the game exist, but I take a very different approach. I love the game for all the
reasons most people dislike it. It is slow, tedious, mentally challenging and even the smallest miscue can cost your team the victory. When I was a player, as a pitcher I knew that one wrong pitch could result in defeat. Rarely in any other sport does victory or defeat come down to one little event out of several hundred events in the competition. But as a pitcher, I knew that one wrong pitch could be the difference. I loved that pressure. I loved that intrigue. I loved that struggle. So, I watch, play and coach baseball because of the never-ending tension that exists. I also find that baseball parallels my Christian life in many ways. It is long, tedious and mentally challenging. Every day I get up and I am a Christian. Meaning, I must make choices that reflect the character I claim to have. I must do things correctly so that I can avoid negative consequences. Christianity is a lifelong pursuit, not an instant moment of ecstasy. Christianity requires my focus and understanding that all around me are pitfalls and temptations which could destroy a lifetime of obedience. I love baseball because it tells me that I must keep working, keep playing, and keep focused on the goal. It is also a good reminder that my Christianity is the same. I must keep working: staying in the Word of God, learning and leaning of Jesus. I must keep playing: I cannot quit my Christianity. I must stay focused on the goal: I press toward the mark, I have finished the course, I have remained faithful. That is my creed and my desire.

– Pastor Doug

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