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I could never be a farmer. There are too many things that are beyond my control that farmers are
dependent on. “We need rain, we need less rain, need warmer weather, it is too hot” are just
some of the variables that would cause me sleepless nights if I were a farmer. I also know that all
jobs have items that are beyond the control of the employee. As a Pastor, I have received the
late-night phone calls or the early morning phone calls and it usually means I must enter into
someone’s life in their darknest moment. I have never enjoyed those phone calls. I am sure that
other people have jobs where they encounter things that are uncomfortable or beyond their
ability to control and it is difficult. So, what happens in those moments of difficulty? What
happens when you encounter obstacles that cannot be moved? Only a few options exist at those
moments: you quit, give up and walk away in frustration. You could ignore and hope someone
else figures out the problems. Or, you understand your weakness and acknowledge that life is
sometimes greater than we are, and you trust God. I Corinthians tells us God uses the weak to
confound the strong, He uses the weak to accomplish His will so that all will know that we did
not do it, He did. Our lives are filled with items that are beyond our control, recognize that it is in
those moments that God is there to demonstrate His power and to remind us that nothing is
beyond Him.

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