1. What type of music should I expect?

We sing a blend of choruses and hymns, accompanied by a piano and electric keyboard. The lyrics are projected on the screen for everyone to see and sing along. 

   2. What do I wear?

People come dressed in all different attire. There is everything from coats, ties and dresses to jeans and T shirts. It does not matter what you wear, just that you are here.

   3. Will I be expected to do anything?

No. We just want you to come and worship with us. You won’t need to stand up and introduce yourself or come up front. Be sure to pick up a first-time visitor gift, which includes many helpful things that will introduce you to our church community.

   4. What is the service like?

We start with announcements and greeting time, followed by singing, prayer, offering and then a practical sermon from the Word of God. The service lasts roughly one hour. Between Sunday School and the Worship Service we serve coffee and snacks.

   5. Will I be welcomed at McBain?

Yes. Many churches call themselves friendly, but you will be warmly welcomed and greeted by people who are glad you are here. You will find people ready to help you if you are in any type of need.