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Summer Time

It appears that maybe warmer weather has finally arrived and with the end of school just around
the corner, all signs point to summer coming. So, what does summer mean? Family vacations,
beaches, cook-outs, pool parties and sunburn. What should it mean? That is the topic of this blog.
Here are my goals for the summer, write a book, read 10 books, go on vacation, cook-out, relax
at a pool, and avoid sunburn. I think we should all have a goal. Summer can be a time where our
activities change, our time management changes and our priorities change. As summer begins, I
think it is important for people to set goals before summer vanishes, and we will not have
accomplished anything. I know it is hard to avoid work especially when the weather is nice but,
is that more important than building a family memory by going someplace you have never gone
before. Take a weekend trip, and at least build a memory. Set a goal to do something that you
have never done and make it happen this summer. It will be amazing what happens when you
encounter life, the wilderness and God in a place you have never been before. Be as excited
about summer as Olaf from Frozen, but don’t let the days slip past without enjoying God’s

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