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Vanilla is Best 5-4-16

The Word of God is now roughly 2,000 years old and we have not added to it since it was completed by John when he finished writing Revelation.   So how can our thinking change?  What was true 2,000 years ago is still true today.  The problem is we need new, we need updated, we need the latest and greatest and subsequently we have allowed that kind of thinking to poison our approach to theology.   It just can’t be accurate to say that nothing has changed in 2,000 years, so we need to find what is new.  This approach has opened the door to a lot of bad and dangerous thinking.

People with “new” revelations from God have sprung up and taught us that Jesus was a good man, a fine philosopher, a good teacher, an important historical figure and even someone who “became” the Son of God.  We have people who teach that all the roads of religion lead to the same god as long as one is sincere.  People teach that in the end, love wins, so everyone goes to Heaven.  Others have begun to teach that religion is nothing more than an emotional crutch and in the end we just die.  Still others teach that man is the center and we just need to strive for our own perfection.  So like ice cream we have added flavors, because one was just never going to be enough.

The problem with this pursuit of “new” truth, is that it has abandoned the foundational truths that have always been truth.  God is God alone.  God is sovereign over all.  God created man and then woman in His image.  God gave them a choice and they chose to pursue themselves rather than be content with God.  God sent His only Son into the world to pay the price for our choices of sin and selfishness.  His Son rose from the dead and then ascended to heaven where He now sits and waits to return for those who have believed in Him.  When you take any of these “old” truths and replace them or massage them to make them fit with our new culture we have fundamentally changed God’s Word.

We cannot not, we must not get caught up in the flavor of the month mentality regarding our theology.  We cannot pick something new because it seems more flavorful or appealing.  I understand that vanilla may seem bland or boring, but it is tried and true.  Our theology must be based on truth, God’s truth, not something created by man to satisfy our personal need.

Thanks for reading and keep learning.


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