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Value of Life

What is life? There has been a lot of coverage in the news lately of the two bills, one passed, and
one defeated, about the expansion of abortion. In New York, they passed a bill that allows for
abortion up to the point of delivery. This was celebrated in New York by turning the tower pink
as a sign of growth and celebration for women’s rights. I don’t want to spend this blog talking
about women’s rights. That is a battle that has been fought. What I do want to speak about is the
de-valuing of human life. The bill that was defeated was in Virginia where it appeared by the
video that the Governor was advocating for infanticide if the baby was not considered viable
once it was born. Viable. That is now what life has become. What is viable? Who decides if it is
viable? How long is an acceptable amount of time before you realize a baby is not viable? To
me, the questions are the wrong questions. The question that needs to be asked an answered is:
what is the value of life?

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