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You’re Not Like Me

In my last post, we approached the subject, how am I supposed to worship when I am surrounded by so many who think differently than me? Here is the little secret that maybe all of you know, but few of us accept: everyone in the world is different than me. We all think differently and respond differently. So, our response to worship should also be different than everyone around me. Paul uses the analogy in I Corinthians about all of us being a part of the body and no part is more essential than any other part. All parts must play their designed role or the body does not function properly. If we understand how significant that thought is, then we will understand that even though I have a particular set of standards and expectation in worship, I must understand the person sitting next to me has a different set of standards and expectations. I can then come to a worship service not with an expectation that all that happens is for me, but all that happens is for us. Within that concept lies my ability to then absorb all that is odd or different for me and still not allow it to ruin my sincere desire to meet with God.

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