Why Can’t People Be More Like Me?

Since I have a set of rules that I use to govern my life and I like my rules and at times it bothers me when other people don’t follow my agenda; I must learn how to adjust my life to accept those who think and live differently than me. In my ministry life, I have seen the great music conflict arise, subside and arise again. Before we go to much further I must tell you that I love music, but only certain types of music. When I am in church I have a very small package of music types that I enjoy and the rest of them can be used by some other church. My problem, even as a pastor, who picks the music for my church, is, that I don’t get to pick just the songs I want to sing. Each week as I select songs I have to consider what the rest of the church wants. Have you ever tried to pick songs everyone will like? “We sing to many of those hymns”, “we sing to many of those 7-11 songs”, “why do we have to sing at all”, “where are the other instruments”, “they are too fast, too slow”, are just a few of the lines I get on a regular basis. These come from good, godly people who are truly intent on trying to worship God. The problem isn’t our tastes in music, nor is it in our lack of desire to worship. The problem exists when we think our way is the only way. How do I find comfort, peace and joy when I come to church surrounded by people who have a very different agenda than me?

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